11 Ways Healers and Healing Arts Practitioners Can Protect Themselves From Negative Energy

If you are a healer, a caregiver or just someone who cares for your family and loved ones, you could be in Grave Danger and not even know it. So many of us give our heart and soul to others, we give everything we can to take care of our mates, children, family and lovers. No questions asked. If they are sick, depressed, or just off balance we pore all of our energy and attention into trying to make them feel better.I’ve seen with my own eyes both men and women go out on the town with their husband or wife while being as Sick-As-A-Dog, just to try and please the other.Is this loyalty? A fear of not being loved, such a strong need to be accepted and loved, that one will compromise their own well being?And what’s their mate thinking?Are they thinking?No mater the reason, they jeopardize their own health and longevity, all while trying to please.The intension may be good, but you could be “throwing out the baby with the bath water.”Self-cultivation is a method used to not only educate yourself, but a way to build in self respect for yourself. If you feel that there is no one there for you, you first need to be there for yourself first.”Healer, heal thyself”The Headline in this months Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine News, read.”We are all healers in one-way or another and in general we don’t take the time to heal ourselves”. We must take care of ourselves as we help others do the same.”If I give you a fish – you eat for a day, but if I teach you to fish you can eat for a lifetime.”Here are some suggestions to make your life better and give yourself some well-deserved and needed self-cultivation:Start your day out right…· Start your morning with a hot cup of tea, and some quiet meditation before everyone else gets up.
· Have your first meal be a calming nourishing one
· Start your exercise with qi gong, yoga or a relaxing walk
· Get 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep
· Go to sleep before Midnight at least 4 days a week
· Don’t ever deplete your reserves, it’s way too expensive
· Take some downtime
· Establish good work and play boundaries
· Build your immune system daily
· Fast one day a month or eat lightly that day
· Avoid big meals and deserts! – They suck your energy reservesDevelop a daily habit of cleansing your energy and refining it every morning with Qi Gong and meditation.I establish an energy shield around my body before you start my day. It protects me and allows me to work at a deeper level with students, patients, family and friends. Don’t buy into the atmosphere of fear that people may project around you or their neediness. It’s usually someone trying to suck energy from you. There are many ways to keep yourself healthy and retain a strong energy field around. It’s not just about getting through the day but about making all the aspects of your Happy, Healthy and Wealthy life.

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