You Can Find Methods To Heal Mind Body And Spirit With Distant Energy Healing Sessions Easily

Distant energy healing is performed using intent and focus. When applied through Chios, it uses the same sweeping or hovering hand movements, around and above the patient’s body as would be done in person. The basic premise is that energy of any kind is not limited by time or space, so that positive rays can be transmitted by the trained and skilled practitioner to a person in a different location. This sending or directing of Universal Life Energy is variously known as healing from a distance.The ultimate goal of Chios is to holistically heal, harmonize and bring balance to the trinity of mind, body and spirit. Healers achieve this through learning how to channel rays. Master healers work on the person’s overall wellness and specific issues using the “touch of light”.Chios is a “breakthrough” new technique that seeks to discover and resolve the true, root defects of a patient’s aura and chakras. It employs spiritual healing in an extraordinarily pro-active manner. This holistic method was devised by Steve Barret and is a product of twenty years of research and development, rigorous testing and evaluation, and painstaking refinements.The word “Chios” derives from the language of the ancient Bactrian civilization. It’s closest English translation is “life force”, although it also implies the upwards growth, physical and spiritual generated by the power welling in all living things. Chios is seen by many as the premier higher dimensional art of the 21st Century.America, Canada, Australia, Holland, Ireland, Greece, Norway, Singapore and the United Kingdom all have Chios Master teachers. Chios uses standardized learning methods available to all. It involves a copyrighted and trademarked system of sixty-two procedures.Energy healing sessions are a profound method of treating problems with the aura and chakras. It is a modern addition to the alternative medicine and holistic umbrella categories. Chios seeks to balance chakras and to fortify their power reserves. The basis of Chios is the belief that afflictions with the spirit, mind and body stem from a wider realm of consciousness, so that empathic perception and thought communication are key elements to their resolution.Distant Chios treatments help the recipient to set themselves free from the limitations of an afflicted mind, spirit or body. They enhance the patient’s overall quality of life, and encourage spiritual development. The healer’s awareness is also expanded, allowing them to utilize color and light to catalyze healing of the patient’s chakra and aura system. These unique, powerful and effective power field therapies draw on universal power, conducted through the practitioner’s hands.Chios master healers can heal mind, body and spirit with distant energy healing sessions. These sessions work via the love and intent of the healer being absorbed by the patient through the non-invasive placement of hands near the body’s chakra points. Healers shape the light and work with it to correct energy flow in accordance with the reception of psychic information and guidance. Love and light are two of the main elements to working with this form of spiritual power. There is no restriction on who can do it, as long as the proper training is given, the limits to heal are endless.

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